About us

Our two co-founders have worked with DB2® for 25 years.They approach all the jobs related to Database Management like application DBA, Performance Specialist, System Engineer and Architect. They also participate actively to the DB2 RUG and make EMEA IDUG presentation.

They have implemented all the major features available for DB2 for z/OS® during this period:

  • Packages management
  • Datasharing implementation and tuning
  • Compression
  • Security management in RACF
  • Java stored procedure on z/OS
  • Spatial component
  • Version migration (from v2.3 to v11)

In 2015, they decided to create their own-company to develop a DBMS Management tool. Our software fills a gap in the market and gives an answer to most of the DBA challenges. Their innovative software help customers achieve their goals and make some extra gains in terms of productivity, performance, and quality.

Their major goal : to share their experiences and knowhow with all their customers.


We want to remain at the forefront of best practice to offer new opportunities to our customers. We plan constantly to expand our Database System offering while maintaining our quality.


To provide Database Systems engineers with formalized information to enable them to optimize, validate and maintain their configuration in a simple, fast and efficient manner. This should allow them to manage the constraints of the market in terms of personnel and information gathering.


  • Integrity : have an honest relationship with our customers, our partners and our staff.
  • Creativity : keep an eye on technical evolution to find new opportunities for our customers.
  • Performance : create a powerful product to enable our customers to have all the information they need to optimize their Database Systems.
  • Self-Training (continuous development) : let each organization’s member grow independently to achieve high goals and offer our customers a high quality product.

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