DB2 Virtual Indexes - How Click4DB can automate the process ?

19 July 2017

Performance problems often lead to the need of new indexes.

Virtual index is a nice way to “give a new index a try” before you create it.  But depending on the candidate columns, it would be a huge work to create and find the best index among all potential candidates (a 5 columns INDEX can lead to 325 fields combinations)

See how Click4DB assist you to reduce this kind of task to one click ...

Click4DB : how to validate and challenge you recovery strategy with only 3 clicks ?

09 February 2017
Most of the sites are taking backups on a predefined frequency (daily , weekly, … ) to insure that all their data can be restored in case of problem.  Object’s life cycle is less often taken into account, while this could have a big impact to guaranty the SLA.  
Click4DB can instantly gives you a more detailed view on your backup process ...  

IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Brussels 2016 : feedback

22 November 2016

DBizners thanks you all for visiting our booth at this year’s IDUG in Brussels.

The exhibition was a great success for DBizners and gave us the opportunity to show you how our tool Click4DB could address your working domains.
Following the exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or feedback you may have. We will be very happy to receive your enquiry.