DBizners provides consulting services in the area of Db2 z/OS system management.
This consulting covers all areas of database system management:

Database servers

Installation, configuration and maintenance of Db2 database servers


Installation, configuration and maintenance of Db2 related tools


Monitoring and tuning of Db2 environments


Health check of Db2 environments




During these interventions, DBizners places the client at the centre of its concerns.

Its current and future expectations are the foundation for developing flexible, maintainable and sustainable solutions.

This consultancy allows you to accelerate the deployment of your projects, optimise processes and resources.

Quality, efficency, service, reliability


These tasks are realised by experts from DBizners, based on several years of experience in internationally renowned sites.

Thanks to the reinforcement of the DBizners experts, put an end to “We are too busy” and react to changes in an AGILE way.