Click4DB : a scalable suite of more than 100 solutions covering all database domains:


Comparison of intra/inter-environment definitions, installation verification plans, message tracking, structure documentation

Applications tuning

Detailed access paths, access paths intra/inter-environment comparisons, potential performance issues, feature automation (e.g. Virtual Indexes)


Tracking directory ratios and optimisation proposals, caching efficiency of Global Buffers, castout tracking




List of parameters (complete or specific), inter-system comparison, checking internal standards


Compliance of backups strategy, objects potentially at risk, log tracking with modification simulation


Inventory of authorisations according to different types of criteria, intra/inter-environment privilege comparisons




Description of active classes, system trace levels, inter-environment comparisons

System tuning

Predefined reports (with ratio calculation included) based on your monitor, feature automation (e.g. BP simulation), bufferpools tracking, caches


Comparison of inter-environment statistics, propagation of statistics, management of the Module Entry Point List (MEPL) utility: inter-system formalisation and comparison, RUNSTATS management



Due to its general technical architecture, Click4DB is also able to address non-database domains:

File tailoring

No more headaches using the complicated ISPF file tailoring

JCL generation

JCL generation: generate and optionally submit your JCLs in 1 Click

Dynamic text parsing

Benefit from our generic parser to transform any text in a usable relational format

SYSLOG eye watcher

Get the richness of the system log



Click4DB, a concept based on 3 classes of components : Collect, Transform & Build


data from any source and in any format. It very simply links actions to your database systems such as requests, orders or utilities


data into information via structuring, comparison, formatting, calculation of derived areas, consolidation, … It has a large range of predefined functions to facilitate data exploitation


an analytical report based on the best practices in the field, generates these reports in professional and exportable formats


Click4DB : Collect, Transform & Build

Key features

Transversal approach

* A cross-domains tool that addresses any DBA pain with ease.

Transversal approach

Scripting into Scenario

* Build your own script so there is no limit to mapping your requirements.

Useful History view

* Everything action and output is saved and available for later review.

History view

Support for multiple subsystems

* No limit to data comparisons within your configuration.

Team oriented

* Sharing components (DB2 SQL queries, commands, scenarios,…) and output reports is possible.

Team oriented

Use of native or external browser

* Outputs displayed either in a native light browser* Or can be exported to any external browser.

Intuitive User Interface

* A “Keep it simple” design so that you don’t have to search for what you need.

Easy to use

Easy and fast Deployment

* No specific privilege required* Installed within a few minutes.

Easy and fast deployment



  • Solutions catalog is constantly enlarged

  • Solution can be customized for specific needs

  • Central repository : share executions and results among the team

  • Resource optimization via recommendations

  • Nothing to install on the mainframe

  • No special rights required to install on the PC


Click4DB, a modular, flexible and scalable tool, for DBAs with DBAs,
for Db2 z/OS, Db2 LUW environments.