DBizners offers training directly related to the management of Db2 database systems :

  • Any subject around Db2 or related tool
  • Based on the client’s goals and needs
  • Focused on concrete cases to maximize return
  • Sharing experiences between trainees and instructor

These trainings are delivered by certified database management experts. DBizners instructors also have skills in training methods.

DBizners training is mainly intended for Db2 z/Os. General training may also be provided (SQL, Performance).



The training is intended for all the stakeholders within the database sector:

System engineers:

training on installation, maintenance, migration, optimisation tasks for subsystems

Application DBAs:

training on the use, optimisation, backup of databases

Developers and support teams:

training on query optimisation to databases



They are also intended for new generations, to accelerate their integration within organisations.

DBizners training fully meets the expectations and needs of clients. Sharing knowledge with instructors is a real added value in the training of participants. The new competences acquired will be immediately operational.