DB2 Virtual Indexes - How Click4DB can automate the process ?

19 July 2017

Performance problems often lead to the need of new indexes.

Virtual index is a nice way to “give a new index a try” before you create it.  But depending on the candidate columns, it would be a huge work to create and find the best index among all potential candidates (a 5 columns INDEX can lead to 325 fields combinations)

See how Click4DB assist you to reduce this kind of task to one click ...

Click4DB : how to validate and challenge you recovery strategy with only 3 clicks ?

09 February 2017
Most of the sites are taking backups on a predefined frequency (daily , weekly, … ) to insure that all their data can be restored in case of problem.  Object’s life cycle is less often taken into account, while this could have a big impact to guaranty the SLA.  
Click4DB can instantly gives you a more detailed view on your backup process ...