Is Click4DB available for Database Systems running on other platforms than z/OS®?

Click4DB is for the moment only available the z/OS® platform. 


How do Click4DB connects to our DB2® subsystems ?

Click4DB use ODBC driver to connect to  your DB2's®. You need a DB2 z/OS® licence from passport Advantages on IBM site. As your queries access DB2 via the DDF, most of them are zIIP eligible.


Do I need to define components on my system to run Click4DB ?

Click4DB is using some standard stored procedures as delivered in the sample library. Most sites have already those procedures defined and running.

How many time does it requires to install Click4DB on my infrastructure ?

It depends of you PC's speed but most of the customers install Click4DB within a few minutes. At first installation, the only thing to do afterwards is to define the connections (database, ip and port) you want to work with.

Solving DB Connection fail error

After having imported your DB2 connect license within Click4DB, you may reach a DB Connection fail error at your first connection try :

In most cases, this is due to a DB2 client that is already installed on your computer. 

Cause : the IBM driver will not check your license within Click4DB, but well under the IBM standard path location.

Solution : you just have to apply your DB2 connect server license to your existing DB2 client...

  1. Open a Command window (Command prompt, Powershell console, DB2 Command window ...)
  2. Type the following command to add your license file : db2licm -a yourLicenseFile
  3. Check the licence has been correctly installed via the command : db2licm -l


Then check your connection within Click4DB and this should be ok

Which windows privileges are required to intall Click4DB ?

No specials privileges are required for the installation process. Click4DB programs and data can be installed in the standard "Program Files" and "ProgramData" folders as well in user defined folders.

Product features

Can I mix information from multiple sources in the same scenario?

Yes. You can join, union data from queries, stored procedures, command outputs and CSV files.

Can I review execution results of my queries and/or scenarios?

Yes, the limit of your history is based on your available space.

Can I select Clob column from DB2 z/OS® with Click4DB ?

Yes, we can work with Clob columns like "STATEMENT" in SYSIBM.SYSPACKSTMT.

How can I select information from multiple DB2® susbsystems within my queries ?

Click4DB selects and agregates data from all the DB2® defined as active connections. An extra column is added in the resultset so it can be used in further manipulation.

What's the difference between a Basic and an Advanced Licence ?

The following table gives the features available by licence type :

Operation type






Stored Procedures







Use existing

Full usage








In other words, an Advanced licence gives you the opportunity to create your own 'Scenarios', and use the 'Text' operation to document your reports.

When I compare data from multiple DB2®, is there a limit in the number of DB2's ?

No, if you can access them you can compare them without limit. And of course the response time will increase depending on the number of target subsystems and the heaviness of the requests.


Can I make a SSL connection with Click4DB ?

Yes, you just have to specify the location of your KeyStoreDB and KeyStash files.

Which database server privileges are required to use Click4DB ?

Click4DB connects to your database servers via ODBC using your existing DB2 servers login accounts (UID/PWD).  So you will have exactly the same privileges using Click4DB as you do have using a local connection to your database servers.

As Click4DB is executing commands and utilities on your DB2 servers via some standard sample DB2 stored procedures, you only need the execute privilege on those stored procedures.