Laborious assessment of z/OS Db2 compression

22 oktober 2018

Db2 compression is useful and can bring performance benefits :

  • Higher buffer pool hit ratios
  • Fewer I/Os
  • Fewer getpage operations

To decide to compress data, you should consider many factors : data row size, tablespace size, data patterns ...

Of course, the DSN1COMP utility is available but how much time would it require to customize it for a subset of the objects of your configuration ?

We show you here how Click4DB could quickly help you …

SQL statements generation : keep it easy !

15 juni 2018

Who never faced the challenge to generate SQL statements and/or commands dynamically based on some conditions ? GRANT, REVOKE, SELECT, REBIND, ALTER ...

Skilled in DSNTEP and REXX and JCL ? Otherwise, it could rapidly become a headache ...

Our Click4DB concept integrates this naturally : collect data based on any conditions, generate queries and/or commands with the results. Any output from the server can be manipulated and serves as input to a next action.

Let's compare the required tasks between a "classic DSNTEP/REXX/JCL" approach and Click4DB ...