Why Click4DB

Click4DB : the solution for Database Administration

Click4DB is an innovative Database Management Software for managing DB2® Database Systems on z/OS®. Our software provides solutions for most Database System Administrator issues.

The evolving role of the Database Administrator

Technology Evolving


Database Administrators have always played a crucial role in companies. Due to the increasing number of Database Systems, the enlarged functionalities they are offering and the non-proportional evolution of human resources, the duties of Database Administrators are becoming more and more difficult to fulfill.

Though there is a plenty of software related to the Data Management aspects, little and/or no integrated solutions exist to help administrators manage Database Systems.

Some inquiries confirmed that Database Administrators find it increasingly difficult to :

  • Perform daily routines
  • Optimize performance
  • Analyze and implement new features

This is particularly true on the z/OS platform, on which most interactions with the system are still based on legacy interfaces, languages and output formats. This environment does not induce reusability and often requires "reinvention of the wheel". Consequently, a range of functionalities is either not really flexible so require costly maintenance at each execution, or still not automated, or worse not executed due to lack of time.

Our Click4DB innovative tool aims to fill those gaps. Apart from the fact that the interface is currently on trend, Database Administrators will optimize their time, are able to share their work within their team, have a plenty of reports covering all domains of Database System Management and have the opportunity to respond to management requests with a minimum period.