What is Click4DB

Click4DB : the DB2® Database System Management tool

Click4DB is a DB2 Database System Management tool using ODBC to connect to your DB2 subsystems.
With this Database System Management software you will be able to accomplish specifics tasks like:

  • Consolidating information from subsystems or any other criteria in a single result
  • Generate graphs and PDF from DB2 SQL queries and commands
  • May share information between team members to increase productivity via a central repository

Report sample : Cpu consumption by package

High Cpu Users

Unlike most z/OS® DB2® management softwares, Click4DB for DB2 on z/OS :

  • Is installed in a few minutes via standard windows application installer
  • Requires no specific workstation privileges such Administrator
  • Has an architecture based on ODBC standard driver to communicate with the host subsystems
  • Use standard IBM stored procedures that enables execution of any DB2 SQL query/command

DB2 reports

Click4DB is made of a full range of pre-defined DB2 reports covering all database domains. Moreover, the modular architecture of Click4DB allows you to build your own report or customize existing very easily. With Click4DB, you will be able to:

  • directly analyze a subsystem performance report
  • directly detect database definition inconsistencies across your configuration
  • directly validate any subsystem parameter and compare them across all your configuration

Report sample : Pre-migration queries overview

V11 Pre Mig Report

Stop spending time on tasks that can be automated.