News and tips on Db2 v12 migration : Episode 2

29 April 2019
Introduced in v11 and v12 via APAR PH02437, message DSNB233I shows objects not yet converted to 10 bytes LRSN. Not converted objects can be victim of outage if your current LRSN exceeds the 6 bytes maximum value. 
If ZPARM OBJECT_CREATE_FORMAT is set to EXTENDED, then all the new objects will be created with a 10 bytes LRSN.
To convert existing objects you must set the ZPARM UTILITY_OBJECT_CONVERSION to EXTENDED : all the objects that are loaded or reorganized will be  automatically converted to a 10 bytes LRSN. 
REORG strategies are often based on updates activity on objects.   It should be interesting to extend the selection criterias to also include objects that are still in 6 bytes LRSN format (sample query for TABLESPACES) : 
Db2 v12 DSNB233
Remark : please note that APAR PH02437 has been marked in error since February (message DSNB233I  was not limited to 20 occurrences per Db2 cycle if triggered by utilities).  In the meantime, APAR PH08298 corrects this behavior.
The next episode will be dedicated to the Db2 v12 changes to the catalog table SYSIBM.SYSINDEXES