Key features

Click4DB helps Database Administrators to enjoy their work

Click4DB is a flexible tool designed to make daily tasks of Database Administrators on DB2® for z/OS® easier


    * Three class of components to deliver flexible solutions.
  2. COLLECT data
     * From data server sources (ZPARM, catalog, commands, utilities).
     * From multi-subsystems without limit.
  3. TRANSFORM into information
    * More than 15 data transformation operations.
    * Compute and aggregate data.
    * Advanced built-in parsers to transform DSN-messages, BSDS, MEPL outputs into information 
  4. BUILD report
    * Comprehensive formats based on target user.
    * Full range of built-in scenarios.
    * Offering continuously enlarged based on community findings.
  5. Transversal approach
    * A cross-domains tool that addresses any DBA pain with ease.
  6. Scripting into Scenario
    * Build your own script so there is no limit to mapping your requirements.
  7. Useful History view
    * Everything action and output is saved and available for later review.
  8. Support for multiple subsystems
    * No limit to data comparisons within your configuration.
  9. Team oriented
    * Sharing components (DB2 SQL queries, commands, scenarios,…) and output reports is possible.
  10. Use of native or external browser
    * Outputs displayed either in a native light browser
    * Or can be exported to any external browser.
  11. Intuitive User Interface
    * A “Keep it simple” design so that you don’t have to search for what you need.
  12. Easy and fast Deployment
    * No specific privilege required
    * Installed within a few minutes.


Click4DB product overview

Click4DB MEPL output exploitation for DB2® on z/OS®

Click4DB Databases definitions checks for DB2® on z/OS®

Click4DB Prepare for Version 12 for DB2® on z/OS®